Labor History

Browsing through some of the more traditional sites by historians, I have noticed a trend in promoting the use of prose to gain readership and followers. While this is the bread and butter of the historian, I also believe that there is another avenue that is overlooked, the archival historian. Lincoln Cushing is an archivist with a keen interest in labor history with a global perspective. His personal site, Docspopuli documents his career as an labor history poster archivist. He professionally digitizes large prints in a home studio with professional set up for lighting, photography. As a result, his works has been featured across San Francisco and published works. His posters range from labor history in the United States, China, South America, and Cuba. Some of his works and political posters are published on his site here. He is open for requests and permissions to reprint the works as well. He has previously worked as a librarian at the Bancroft library and archivist for Clorox. For the past 9 years, he is Kaiser Permanente’s archivist.


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